We conducted a full building audit on four of their buildings giving them a 24% return on investment. The audit involved a detailed cost savings analysis. A cost savings analysis is an in-depth analysis performed by qualified individuals skilled in real estate operations, engineering, energy and construction; as well as, taxation for the purpose of identifying the individual building operating expenses, their associated costs, and potentials savings and improvements.

The Embassy of Canada

We completed a energy cost savings analysis for the Embassy of Canada Residence and proved them with a 57% savings in their energy costs over a 3 year period. Let us see what we can do to help you. We also conducted a solar hot water design study for the embassy to provide hot water for the 6th floor by solar power only.

The Embassy of Netherlands

We completed a utility bill audit and saved them over $30K in over charges and taxes  for a 2 year period. Let us see what we can do to help you.

We love Saving Energy and $!

We have saved private schools and businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy, project management and operating expenses. We have also worked with the Maryland Energy Administration verifying energy grants for energy efficient projects.

Some of our most notable projects include:

Raytheon Corp: 22270-22260-22110 Pacific Blvd. Over 500,000 sq.ft. We were able to find savings of over $650,000 a year with a 2.9 year payback.

St. Jane DeChantel School and Church: We saved them over 30% a year in electricity expenses with Network Thermostats with a 1 year payback.

Case studies:  

Embassy of Netherlands: We saved them 24% or $24,000 a year in electricity expenses at no cost.

The Gould Company saved 30% or $64,000 for 3 years and used 100% Green Wind Power.

The Premier Companies: We performed an ASHRAE Level II audit on their building and found savings for them of $78,000 per year with a ROI of 3 years 30%. We also conducted a retr0-commisioning for the building providing energy upgrades and payback within 1 year. Click here  

Asset Solutions was written up in My Green about working with St. Jane de Chantal School and Church in 2017. Here is the article.

​​The Kingsbury School

This unique historical building located in Washington DC was in need of a ten year capital budget and energy analysis. Within 2 weeks we were able to save the school almost $100,000 annually in energy related expenses for the first year and an additional annual savings of $50,000 within 3 years. That’s a 40% return on investment ! We also supervised two projects re-painting the exterior and replacing all the windows saving them $147,000 under budget. Read the following testimonial from the CFO Alan Shutt.


A note to let you know what a great job Asset Solutions has done to bring The Kingsbury School not only to a place where we are all proud to see how beautiful the building is, but also to be more energy efficient and safe. Within the last year your work with us has improved the school tremendously. All of the projects have come in under budget and were completed on time. Your knowledge and skills helped us in so many ways. You have become a partner in our treasured mission.

I can sincerely state the following. I have worked closely with a hundred or so consultants over the years. Only a very select few fall into the category that allow me to say that I can place absolute trust in their judgment and place complete confidence in their integrity. I and Kingsbury are very fortunate to have had the benefit of your judgment and integrity.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and Asset Solutions. Thank you for your wonderful work.


Alan Shutt,
Chief Financial Officer

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