We operate as a consumer advocate; we work and fight for your best interests.


 We believe that clients have the right to expect the following: 

  1. We are competent in the specific field.
  2. We will make every attempt to identify our client's real problem.
  3. We will always specify our role in the client's project or assignment.
  4. We will adapt to the individuality of our client's problems.
  5. We will make recommendations that are feasible.
  6. We will at all times avoid a conflict of interest.
  7. We will never deceive our client.
  8. We will never fail to perform agreed upon services.
  9. We will never be negligent.
  10. We will always inform our client of the risks of any undertaking.
  11. We will always inform our client of its basic approach to the problem.
  12. We will always present our fee clearly.
  13. We will maintain confidentiality with regard to our client's business.
  14. We will always work to the best of our ability to insure the
    quick success of our client's project.

 Asset Solutions has been responsible for maximizing the value of numerous real estate holdings by developing strategic plans for each investment and exercising those plans. Asset Solutions, has solved just about every kind of real estate problem out there. .

Asset Solutions offerings makes organizations easier to manage and more valuable. In this era of specialization, Asset Solutions professionals keep abreast of ever-changing technology, incentives, laws, trends, products, codes, prices, etc. – which directly benefits our clients.

Asset Solutions performance is guided through the leadership of its Principal, Patrick Hoffman. A well-respected industry professional as well as a Certified Property Manager (CPM) ® and a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) through the Energy Audit Institute and Energy Efficiency Association, Patrick draws upon decades of expertise in management and operation of assets. Patrick continues to maintain the exacting standards and goals that established Asset Solutions. As a CPM Patrick has demonstrated his expertise and integrity to those who matter most—employers, owners and investors.

He has and continues to live his professional code of ethics to establish and

maintain public confidence in the honesty, integrity, professionalism, and

ability as a professional real estate/energy manager.

Asset Solutions is supported by it's senior staff Michael Hoffman, SVP, Luellen Hoffman, Director of Bus Development, Bill Sharp Director of Energy and Real Estate Services and Wayne Tyler Vice President.



Asset Solution Services:

  • Energy Audits
  • Utility Procurement
  • Energy Star Benchmarking and Certification
  • Utility Bill Auditing
  • LEED Certification and Consulting
  • LEED GAP Analysis
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • ​Solar Power
  • Electronic Waste Managment and Recycling
  • Contract Property/Facility Management
  • Utility use analysis and reports
  • Project Management

Asset Recovery/Recycling

Our asset recovery department teaming up with Energy Sherlock and C2 has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and greatest value retention for every business. When electronic waste arrives at our facility, it is assessed and diverted into our or recycling process with a certificate of recycling. As for data destruction, all equipment handled by Asset Solutions that contains sensitive or personal information is dealt with the utmost importance and handled securely and responsibly. We eradicate all information contained on storage devices in strict compliance with, Department of Defense, NAID and R2 standards. Call us today to learn more about our electronic waste management and recycling services.301-642-9605. Go here for a capability comparison