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Asset Solutions, LLC is celebrating 10 years of saving commercial and residential real estate owners, retailers, public and private schools, hospitals, churches, governments, embassies money on energy. Based in Bethesda Maryland, Assets Solutions is a leader in real estate decision intelligence as well as energy and environmental consulting services. 

Asset Solutions is a team of highly specialized and skilled experienced professionals and engineers with over 39 years of maximizing value for owners. Our value added solutions can help discover energy conservation opportunities and maximize cost saving improvements. Asset Solutions performs energy audits, utililty procurement, energy conservation analysis, project management, contract property/facility management and solar power services. We also provide affordable Energy Star benchmarking and 

Asset Solutions is  now offering electronic recycling through our e-waste removal service not only keeps you in compliance with the law but it also allows you to focus on maximizing space and efficiency. Surplus equipment causes unnecessary clutter and leaves your company at risk of a data breach if improperly disposed. With a wide range of services, we can determine your needs and evaluate your risk. Asset Solutions provides on-site pick-up for basic needs to complete white glove removal with logistical coordination. Whether you’re currently undergoing a complete office clean out or just making a new technology refresh, our removal services can enable a seamless transition.