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Asset Solutions, LLC is a national real estate energy consulting company who helps commercial and residential real estate owners, retailors, public and private schools, hospitals, churches, governments, embassies save money and energy. Based in Bethesda Maryland, Assets Solutions is a leader in real estate decision intelligence as well as energy and environmental consulting services. 

Asset Solutions is a team of highly specialized and skilled experienced professionals with over 35 years of maximizing value for owners. Our value added solutions can help discover energy conservation opportunities and maximize cost saving improvements. Asset Solutions performs energy audits, utililty procurement, energy conservation analysis and solar power services.

Asset Solutions is hiring Energy Brokers serving all deregulated states. The deregulation of electricity and natural gas in many states has opened up opportunities for sales people with an entrepreneurial motivation to build their own business. Electricity and Natural Gas sales requires understanding the customer’s financial goals in controlling their energy costs. Not everyone has the same goals. Our advising helps you understand this evolving marketplace. In addition, Better Cost Control offers a comp plan and services to sales agents that are rarely found in this business:

This role is a full-time or part time sales role and offers 50% commission, and has great opportunities for personal and professional growth. Earning potential is unlimited.

* Recurring commissions for as long as you obtain customer renewals. That means all renewals…forever!
  Increasing commission with your revenue growth
* Option for front-end loaded commissions: earn your money just three weeks after the new contract is            signed! This provides you with immediate cash flow.
* All payments are via ACH right to your bank account.
* Training, so you really understand what you are selling like never before.
* Back-end office support for custom pricing your deals.  Our pricing desk staff really get your customers   the very best prices!
* Additional services such as Utility Bill Audits.